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Rev. Anna Applegate has studied Western astrology for more than 30 years and she is available to cast individual natal charts combined with 3-, 6-, or 12-month planetary transit reports, allowing clients to plan ahead for their intended goals and to capitalize on auspicious timing. Cost: $150, featuring all print-outs and 90 minutes of analysis via a Skype chat, a ZOOM webinar, or in person.

Anna has also professionally read Elder Futhark Runes since 2oo1 and Tarot and Cartouche Cards since 2004. She is 
available for individual consultations or group functions (including parties/corporate events) in person or via telephone and Skype. Her most popular offerings are outlined below. Feel free to email her for more information or to book an appointment at 

She accepts payment via personal check, cash, money order, or PayPal.


Divination Services

Astrologically Informed Tarot


12 Houses Tarot. Take a voyage of self-discovery by seeing how the Tarot can inform your solar 12 Houses. A Significator card is drawn to represent your overall state of being, and 1 card per zodiacal House is drawn for a total of 13 cards. The dialogue created between each zodiacal House and the Tarot card representing it offers detailed insights into your personal development, work, finance, romantic and business relationships, legal matters, projects, prospects for fun and education, the role friends and family play in your life, your spirituality, and so much more! 

Knowledge of the client’s Sun Sign needs to be provided at the outset of the reading.


60 minutes: $75.00

Elder Futhark 24-Rune Spread


This reading provides a holistic overview of the querent’s physical, financial, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual state of being. Anna interprets the Elder Futhark runes in a manner that combines traditional lore with input received from Anna’s and the querent’s spirit guides.


40 minutes: $50

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